1. About ‘MahaVanmitra’

'Purpose of ‘MahaVanmitra’ portal

The website ‘MahaVanmitra’ has been developed with the objective of effective implementation of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 and Rules 2008 and Amendment Rules 2012. This portal has been developed keeping in mind the objective of allowing the individuals / groups and villages / padas from the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers to file claims about Individual Forest Rights or Community Forest Rights related to forest land in a smooth fashion, to check the current status of the claims filed and to be able to get the forest rights title (certificate) without any hassles.

Why has the Government of Maharashtra developed this system ?

In time and effective implementation of Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 and Rules 2008 and Amendment Rules 2012 is possible with the help of information technology. Government of Maharashtra has developed this system to allow submission of forest rights claims, verification of claims, to achieve unison in the decision making process, to be able to support it as well as for the possible planning and review of recognition of forest rights in the entire Maharashtra with the help of computer system. For this, guidance has been received from Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune (TRTI) and free support has been made available from Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation (MKCL). .

What are the benefits of ‘MahaVanmitra’ system ?

The rights that the claimant villagers / groups or villages / Pada are going to get under this Act are going to be received in minimal time and that too in hassle-free manner. In this, the ‘Village Forest Rights Committee’ that helps the Gram Sabha to file the claim, the ‘Sub-division Level Committee’ that verifies the forest rights claims received from the Village Forest Rights Committees, and the ‘District Level Committee’ that gives the final decision on these claims, shall be able to perform their work in a planned manner. The claims shall not be stalled anywhere due to the able support from Information and Technology. At the same time, the current status of the claims also can be known.

2. MahaVanmitra’ Portal Process

1. To register Village Forest Rights Committees in the system

a. First of all, the Gram sevaks shall use the login given to them to enter the information related to the existing Village Forest Rights Committees from all the Padas/ Tande / Tole/ Vadya of the villages under their jurisdiction, into the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

b. The Gram Sevak shall enter the information into the ‘Manavanmitra’ system, about the committee for such village / Pada where Village Forest Rights Committee can be constituted. As a proof for the same, shall upload the Gram Sabha resolution.

2. To register individual forest rights claims using individual login.

If an independent Village Forest Rights Committee has been registered in the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system for your village / Vada / Pada / Tanda / Tola then only an individual forest rights claim can be registered in it. For this the individual claimant will have to visit the website MahaVanmitra.mkcl.org. Enter individual information by pressing the Register button on it and complete the registration process. Login with the help of login ID and password and file a new claim there. The facility to enter the required information for it and upload the required documents has been provided. You can also get the current status of the already filed / old claims.

3. To register forest rights claims with the Village Forest Rights Committee

a. Village Forest Rights Committee shall enter the necessary information in regards to the forest rights claims using their login and shall confirm the received claims from the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

4. To organize the forest rights claims verification meeting

a. Based on the number of claims registered with the Village Forest Rights Committees, the Tehsildar shall organize the forest rights claims verification programmee, through the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system, for the respective village / Pada.

b. The Village Forest Rights Committee shall, with the help of the Gram Sevaks, enter the details of the verification programmes conducted, into the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

5. Village Forest Rights Committee to file claims with the Sub-division Level Committee

a. The Village Forest Rights Committee shall put together all the documents necessary to put forth the claim / claims in front of the Gram Sabha. The templates / formats necessary for the same shall be downloaded from ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

b. Ultimately, all the documents shall be scanned and uploaded on ‘MahaVanmitra’ system and the claim shall be sent over to the Sub-division Level Committee

6. Sub-division Level Committee to scrutinize the claim

a. Sub-division Level Committee shall scrutinize all the claim documents received through the use of their login.

b. While scrutinizing / verifying the documents, shall record their remark for each submitted document.

c. After the complete scrutiny of the documents in regards to the forest rights claim is carried out, the said claim shall be sent to the District Level Committee through the ‘MahaVanmitra’ system for their recommendation.

7. To take final decision for the claims through the District Level Committee

a. The District Level Committee shall take the information regarding the claims for which recommendations have been given by the Sub-division Level Committee, through ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

b. Shall record their decision on every recommended forest rights claim, through ‘MahaVanmitra’ system

c. A model certificate shall be created in ‘MahaVanmitra’ system for every approved forest rights claim

d. The District Level Committee shall download the model certificate and after the necessary signatures and seal, shall upload the certificate through ‘MahaVanmitra’ system.

e. The uploaded certificate about the approved forest rights claim shall be visible to the respective Village Forest Rights Committee through their login.